How to send boots to work

The main difference between bootfitting and molding is that molding is done directly on the leg, that is, it is only the leg that squeezes out the boot shell with its shape, making it look like the shape of the leg, and bootfitting is done as a tool. In the case of bootfitting, you need to know exactly where and how much to pull and squeeze. To do this, before sending boots to work, it is necessary to identify problem areas and accurately measure their location on the boot. How to do it at home without using a special tool. 

Identification of problem areas.

Problem areas are explicit and hidden.

Explicit ones are those that are immediately known even before the purchase of shoes and which in some form determined the conditions of purchase, for example, protruding bones, deformed joints and other obvious problems of the foot. They do not need to be defined - everything is clear with them and so and they just need to be measured.

Hidden ones are those that are revealed only and directly when using or trying on boots: pressure on points or sectors of the foot. They are determined by fitting. We put on a ski sock, put on a boot and are in it, preferably in movements with a predominance of the ski position: the knees are slightly bent with pressure on the tongues, the heel is rested, pressure on the metatarsus. We are in this position either until the sensations become apparent, or for 10 minutes or more. But, you do not need to walk around, otherwise you may experience false discomfort that will only confuse the situation. We take off our shoes, take off our socks and fix problem areas on the leg according to the "hot" sensations. Usually, if the problem is really urgent, then they can be seen immediately by the redness on the skin. In this case, it is enough just to take a photo on the marking grid (more on that below) so that these reddening is visible. But it also happens that there is pain and pressure, but there is no redness or other changes on the skin. In this case, the problem area must be found by sensations and designated by any visually identifiable method: ballpoint pen, felt-tip pen, marker, lipstick - which seems more convenient to you and what can be seen in the photo when photographing. It is advisable to repeat the procedure for identifying problem areas several times. Do not hurry. Better to lose a day now than to send the shoes back and forth for finishing work later. When the places are determined, you can proceed to fixing and positioning on the boot. 

Positioning and fixing.

Download the two templates you will need for positioning and fixing: 

To print templates you need Adobe Acrobat software which is available for download here...

Download and print templates without scaling. That is, in the printer settings, select this: 

установка принтера

So that the grid cells on the printed template are 0.5 cm each. This is important. 

Place both templates on the floor so that the rulers of the meshes are aligned with each other. Place the heel in a semicircle on the boot sheet. Like this:

ботинок в пятке

put your foot next to it, just like a boot. Like this:

нога и ботинок

Note that the boot is slightly offset back from the foot. It is right. It should be so. Make sure the grid markings are aligned for the two patterns and the thick lines continue and don't create an angle. Take a camera and take a few pictures for each leg and for the corresponding boot: side view of the foot so that the boot is visible, top view of the foot so that part of the boot is visible, the view of the foot from the other side as it goes. You should have three shots like this for each leg:

с внешней


с внутренней

Photo from real customization order. 

If you can take more photos, then don't limit yourself. The profile of each foot from the inside is also very interesting for understanding the instep and the height and profile of the arch of the foot, which can be photographed against the background of the ruler so that the height is visible. Take as many photos as you see fit to fully understand the size and shape of your feet. The minimum required to take the three specified photos. If the information is not enough, we will contact you and tell you what else is worth doing. 

ATTENTION!!! Please send photos and measurements to us before sending the shoes. Send the boots only after confirming the sufficiency of information on measurements and positioning of problem areas. 

After identifying problem areas, contact us via WhatsApp at +79219122268, write that you need a bootfitting service, send photos, describe the boot: brand, model, stiffness, size. & Nbsp; Get confirmation that the boots can be made, there is enough information and can be sent to work. Bring your own shoes or send them by a transport company. 

You can send or bring shoes to work in the nearest or the most convenient workshop for you. from the contacts section...


Before handing over your shoes, we urge you to wash them and put them in a neat and workable form. 

Upon receipt of the boots, you should bake the inner felt boot yourself or in any workshop and make insoles in any workshop. This is done only after adjusting the main volume on the plastic. 

And, be prepared to do bootfitting correctly in two stages: first - the boot is brought to the desired size, second - the pressure points are being finalized or the points of increasing the base size are being finalized. We must be prepared for the fact that the first time the boots will not become perfect and you will have to make one more revision. This is normal. 

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