Thrill, motion, wind, and breathtaking speed - this and much more is what makes skiing so exciting. But what excitement can we talk about when skiing in uncomfortable boots? For confident and effective ski control, boots need to be stiff, but not every foot likes it. Can stiff boots be comfortable? - Yes, they can! They need to be precisely and neatly fitted to the shape of your foot, and that's it. We can fit almost any existing boot or find and fit the optimal model of new boots just for you.

There are a lot of reasons why ski boots can be uncomfortable. Still, the nature of the discomfort is always the same - the boot does not match the shape of the foot. As a result, there is excessive pressure on some parts of the foot and insufficient pressure on the other. As a result, the overwhelmed areas hurt from pressure, and the underwhelmed ones slide back and forth, leading to abrasions and calluses. It is enough to adjust the boot, and everything immediately becomes better. In the modern skiing world, almost all boots sold in stores are moulded, allowing both shell and liner to fit the shape of your leg. Still, the possibilities of such a fit are minimal. If your foot is slightly different from the "average", then the fit's result is negligible. Also, boots made of thick and rigid plastics are especially effective in skiing. They are usually, however, poorly formed by quick store moulding. In all cases where quick moulding is not enough to get a comfortable feeling in boots, the exact and pointwise bootfitting helps. Our area of expertise is exactly that.

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For those who do not have shoes or need to replace existing ones. 

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"I have uncomfortable shoes"

What and how to do in order to make existing shoes more comfortable.

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Cost is a very important issue and it is very useful to immediately know what to focus on and what the costly part of shoe fitting will result in. Study carefully the price of services and estimate the final cost. 

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We are sure that after a full fitting of the boots, your skiing will become not only comfortable, but also more technical, because you will feel the skis more sharply and will be able to control them more accurately. Do not skimp on yourself, bootfitting is not cheap, but a spoiled ski & nbsp; vacation or lost pleasure from skiing, as a result, will turn out to be more expensive. 

Workshop addresses:

In St. Petersburg (Russia):

The whole range of services according to the price list from consultation and measurements to complex types of work. And all questions of franchise and cooperation.
  • address198515, Russia
    St-Petersbourg str 108-2-1
  • phone +7 921 9122268
  • phone +7 921 9122268

In Nuremberg (Germany):

The whole range of services according to the price list from consultation and measurements to complex types of work.
  • addressAnton Paul, Konrad-Lengenfelder-Straße 24a, 90518 Altdorf bei Nürnberg,
  • phone +49 157 54164902
  • phone +49 157 54164902
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